With 100 different settings, this goat stand should fit any size goat you may have. Our original goal was to spend zero dollars and use only materials found on the property. However, because we have Nigerian Dwarf Goats now, we decided to make it adjustable just in case we decided to get different goats down the road. Because of this last minute change, we justified the $7 purchase for the channel slot needed to adjust the feed shelf. In the end, we love it and we hope you do too.

Below is a pictorial of the project from beginning to end. Feel free to send us any questions you might have. By the way, I know the 4×4 legs are not from a reclaimed pallet. I had them laying around so I decided to use them purely for esthetics. To clarify, this project was built from standard 40″ x 48″ reclaimed pallets and some pallets that were received from an engine performance shop. The pallets were used to carry engines and we reclaimed about 100 screws and hundreds if not thousands of nails from the pallets, phew. I know these aren’t your typical pallets, however, the goat stand could easily be built using standard pallets. Also, we put casters on the goat stand for now simply because we don’t know yet were it’s final resting place is going to be. This way the stand can be moved with little to no effort.

16452_611182605674815_1633127239804285022_n 994459_611206915672384_2216009908042379747_n 10393542_611185005674575_1064490574720215311_n 10689489_611185589007850_554752037435691911_n 10712944_611202409006168_989336230208095264_n 10881720_611201065672969_1664971670978639846_n 10882136_611206949005714_7530297457079233827_n 10885565_611187219007687_6750139748414678889_n 10888956_611206512339091_2837212406812052879_n



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