DIY Afternoon Project

Materials: 2 pieces of wood approx. 12 x 12″
Rabbit wire, 1/2 ” staples, 1/2″ rope

With this garden basket you can easily spray off any dirt using a garden hose making your cleaning process just a bit easier. This can be made to any size you need. Just hammer the rabbit wire to the wood sides using 1/2″ staples and drill 2 holes in the wood just slightly bigger than the rope you choose to use. Feed the rope through each hole and tie it off. Done!

10929215_622535491206193_1788247302502587735_n 10931043_622536511206091_5503940372834611069_n10923241_622536377872771_854696595900268575_n


2 thoughts on “GARDEN BASKET:

  1. michelle says:

    I love this idea. Will be having my husband make me one. This will save my sink, specially when it comes to green onions.


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