Branches to Wall Art

DIY Afternoon Project:

10885509_617136951746047_1683705655904707108_n 10888945_617136991746043_4692162678061956263_nAdd some art to your homestead using the materials available to you. After trimming the trees a couple years back we ended up with quite a pile of various branches. Instead of just burning them all, we decided to put some of those branches to use in other ways. Here’s what we did with one branch and reclaimed barn wood in an attempt to make something cool, and fill the void in that big blank wall in the living room. We love how it turned out, but you be the judge.

It’s a fairly simple project, so here’s how we did it. First we measured the wall to find out how big we wanted to make this art piece. Once, we knew how big we wanted it, we cut up the barn wood we had to make 3 picture frames. We mitered (45 degrees) the corners of each frame and nailed them together with our framing nail gun. Next, we laid out the 3 frames on the shop floor how we wanted it to look when it is hanging on the wall. We used scrap 2×6 pieces of wood in between the 3 frames to gives us perfect spacing between each frame. Then we laid the branch we wanted on top of all 3 frames. Using a jig saw, saws all, and gardening clippers we cut out the sections of branch that fell between each frame – LEAVING EACH TWIG ABOUT 1/4 ” LARGER THAN THE INSIDE MEASUREMENT OF THE FRAME. Once the 3 sections of the branch were right where we wanted them, we drilled holes into the inside of the frame (and in the direction each twig is pointing) using drill bits that are the same size of each twig. We were then able to dab some wood glue on each twig and fit them into the pre-drilled holes locking each twig and branch into place. We recommend doing 1 frame at a time starting with the bottom, middle, then top, and work one twig at a time in each frame, going from left to right. Some of the bigger branches at the bottom of the art piece were too too big to squeeze into a hole so we used a finishing nail gun and just nailed them into the inside of the frame. Once the project was complete, we used 4 wood screws for each frame and screwed them into the wall studs. We started with the bottom frame first and worked our way up to the top frame leveling each frame as we went. WARNING: Be prepared to get really tired of swapping out your drill bits.


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