Rabbit Hutches with an Automatic Poop Collector:

RABBIT POOP IS THE BEST FERTILIZER EVER!!! People always ask, “How did you get your raspberries so big?” Our answer, “Rabbit poop soup of course.” We collect the poop in 5-gal buckets. Fill the bucket about 1/3 full of rabbit poop and fill the rest with water. Stir the mixture over a couple of days till you’ve reached a consistency of a soup, then it’s ready to pour directly onto your plants. When we built these 2 identical hutches we had no intention of having to shovel poop off the ground and collect in buckets. That’s why we put 2 ramps under the hutches that funnel the rabbit poop into a 5-gal. bucket under the hutches. Our 4 rabbits create enough manure to make 2-3 buckets of “Rabbit Poop Soup” per week.
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9 thoughts on “Rabbit Hutches with an Automatic Poop Collector:

  1. Amy says:

    I’m astonished by this great rabbit cage. Awesome job! I would love to construct something like this. I’m originally from Kansas but now dwell in my husbands home state of Pennsylvania. We have 300 acres(250 of that’s mountain ground) and I’ve decided to try my hand at some of this homesteading stuff šŸ˜‰. Rabbits are my first animal but I was trying to figure out a cage like this to collect the poop. šŸ’© We have a decent garden and this could be so helpful. (Would love to increase the size next year.) Also trying to read up on quail as these will be my second thing to add. Our son is two years old and loves being part of these adventures. Thanks for sharing such a lovely website. It’s very informative and also great to read!


  2. Rebecca says:

    Do you have any instructions on building it? I am up to my neck with bunnies right now, lol .I just could not find the right hutch anywhere until I saw This post! Could you please send me a guide to make one to my email? I am surely about to go crazy if I don’t build something soon” ! šŸ™‚


    • littlemissourihomestead says:

      Hi Rebecca šŸ™‚ I wish we did. We do not instructions yet on the Rabbit Hutches. We have had a lot of requests for them. We will be making an additional one soon and will have instructions with that one. Thank you for stopping by and we will keep you posted when we have the new instructions available. Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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