No matter what type of emergency you might encounter from a tornado or hurricane to a zombie apocalypse , it doesn’t hurt to make sure you have supplies stashed away. We found that what we have stored is exactly what FEMA suggests, so here’s the list.

1. 3 day supply of non-perishable food.
2. 3 day supply of water- 1 gal/person per day
3. portable, battery powered radio/ tv extra batteries
4. flashlight with extra batteries
5. 1st Aid Kit and manual
6. Sanitation and hygiene items ( moist towelettes, TP)
7. Matches and waterproof container
8. Whistle
9. Extra clothing
10. Kitchen accessories and utensils, including manual can opener
11. Photocopies of credit and ID cards
12. Cash and coins
13. Special needs items, such as prescriptions, eye glasses, contact lens solution, and hearing aid batteries
14. Items for infants, formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers
15. Other items to meet your unique family needs

Our family has decided to add SOME items to this list as well being in tornado alley.

1. MRE kits
2. Solar lights
3. Hand tools with tool box (hammer, saw, nails, etc)
4. Portable toilet
5. Propane and stove
6. Tent, sleeping bags, blankets
7. Family photos on disc and toys for our son
You never know if you might be walking around in debris

IMG_2971 IMG_2970 IMG_2969


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