Vegetable Cages


We originally had planned to use these for tomatoes, however plans changed as they do on a homestead and now we use them for our cucumbers. Here’s how we did it. We took an old piece of reclaimed lumber and cut a 9×9″ section out of it for the top piece. We also had some pieces of molding left behind from the previous owners so we wrapped the top piece with the molding for a decorative look. Next we ripped (2 qty.) 2×4’s into (4 qty.) 2×2’s. After, cutting the 2×2’s to 6′ in length we nailed them into the corners of the top piece. The horizontal rungs were taken from parts of our old deck. IMG_3523The vertical slats on the deck railing were removed and ripped in half on the table saw. Using those slats from the old deck we then cut them to length to use for the horizontal rungs on the vegetable cages. We set the bottom rung of the vegetable cage at 16″. IMG_3524Once the bottom rung was installed, we used a 12″ piece of scrap wood as a guide on where to place the next rung. Simply by holding up a piece of wood against the structure on top of the 12″ jig you can mark with a pencil exactly how long each piece of wood needs to be. After each rung is installed you simply place the jig on top of the last rung installed and this lets you know where to hang the next rung IMG_3522and so on. Once we finished the construction part of this project, we were able to turn our son loose and let him go wild with the paint. He actually, did a great job. Finally, we fit the cage in the ground by digging 4 holes in our garden bed about 8 inches deep and placed it in the holes packing dirt tightly against the legs so they don’t blow over in the wind. We love the way this project turned out and we hope you enjoy yours just as much.IMG_4345


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