IMG_3872Growing vegetables in straw bales is becoming more and more popular these days.  We’ve had great success planting our tomatoes in them, however our chickens liked tearing into the straw bales to get to the bugs for some tasty snacks.  IMG_4350By the end of summer our chickens had completely torn apart the straw bales leaving the entire tomato plants roots exposed.  This year we decided to build some garden boxes for our straw bales in order to keep the chickens at bay.  The great thing about this project is that it was made entirely out of free pallets!  Total cost…. ZERO DOLLARS!  First weIMG_3855 started by sizing up the straw bales on an empty pallet and found out that by cutting the pallet nearly in half was going to IMG_3862make a perfect base for the garden boxes.  After cutting up 6 pallets it was time to get them in place along side our raised garden bed.  Our raised garden bed is on a slope so the straw bale boxes were going to need to be stair stepped.  We stapled someIMG_3863 black plastic in order to kill off the grass and leveled the pallets using scrap pieces of wood.  Once the pallets were completely level we screwed them into the sides of the raised garden bed.  The leftover pieces of IMG_3861pallets were then dismantled and the slats were hammered into the ground, leaving the top 6 inches of each bale exposed, and then nailed into place.  The pallets in front of the entry gate to the garden bed had extra pallet IMG_3868slats nailed into place to create a nice solid step into the garden with room for our garden basket and IMG_3874various tools.  We’ve been wanting to do this project for a while and couldn’t be happier with the results.IMG_3873


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