11057905_674194209373654_8995472337268715446_nThey say in Missouri, “Don’t put out your lawn furniture until after Mother’s Day.” The reasoning is that it might blow away during tornado season. However, with no storms in the forecast, we decided to jump the gun by a week. We wanted a hammock, but didn’t have 2 trees close enough together to hang the hammock between. 296203_10201176030428569_1441279383_nNot wanting to buy one of those metal frames for the hammock or putting a simple 4×4 in the ground, we looked to our property to see what we could use to make this project work that gave the area a more natural and organic look. We had a dead tree on the property that was destined for the bonfire and was the perfect size for this project.

First, we dug a hole just as if we were going to place a 4×4 post in the ground. Next, we cut the dead tree down and moved it to its new location. A few bags of concrete held the tree in place and it was time to hang the hammock. 485644_10201176178432269_51751874_nBy adding an old wooden spool, we now have a place for that glass of sweet tea. Finally, we had an old porch light that we decided to re-purpose into a bird feeder/ bird house. By taking the top off the light and inserting an empty tuna can into the top (it fit perfectly), birds can have an area to eat. By cutting a hole in a piece of clear plastic in the front of the light, after eating the birds now have a place to sleep at night.11036831_674194229373652_3576575261121649931_n

If you asked my wife which area of our property she loves the most….. THIS WOULD BE IT!!!



  1. Jessy Shaw says:

    I really love this idea! My husband and I have so many trees in our backyard, we have been wondering what to do to spice things up a bit. I would love to just lay out on the hammock and watch the birds come and go. I think I would put up a few quality bird houses because I would love to have as many come as possible! Thanks for the cute idea!

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