IMG_4213Not only did we get this wonderful recipe from our friends. They invited us over to help pick their cherries. You pick, you keep. Yes! Washed, pitted and stuffed in a jar, we are on our way to BRANDIED CHERRIES. Pour these over ice cream or cheesecake. Simply sip on the cherry infused brandy after dinner while snacking on the cherries themselves. Yum!IMG_4220

What you need:

Half pint jars
Raw sugar
Pot for water bath

I throw my half-pint jars and lids in the dishwasher to sanitize them. While washing away, pit your cherries. Use a straw to poke the top of the cherry and gently squeeze the pit out. (tip from my girlfriend)
Remove jars from dishwasher. Do not let them cool.
Fill hot canning jars with cherries. Leaving 1/2” headspace.
Add 1/2 teaspoon raw sugar.
Add brandy. Still leaving 1/2” headspace.
Put on lids & rings
Process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

IMG_4226Store the jars in a cool, dark cabinet for at least a month or longer before eating.
After pitting all those cherries it was nice to have this recipe go together so easy.



  1. Kathy says:

    I’ll bet that is good. We made something similar but didn’t go all the way to maraschinos. We soaked cherries in a vodka mixture (and also strawberries) to make cordials. It took all the flavor out of the cherries but if you put in additional cherries after removing the old ones, you can get maraschinos. I think I found it in Hobby Farm Home.

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