IMG_4089This project was one of the easier ones… right up to the point when the goats kept climbing on it while we were trying to complete the installation. Errrrr!IMG_4065

First we cut several pieces of scrap 2×4’s into 2 1/2″ lengths and drilled a hole through the middle of each piece slightly bigger than the cable. IMG_4069Next we fed a cable from a wire rope kit we had laying around though the hole of each 2×4, much like stringing popcorn on a thread. IMG_4072After stringing 18 wood blocks onto the cable, we fed the cable through holes drilled in each perch and and then strung another 18 blocks down the other side. IMG_4072At this point we spaced out our blocks how we wanted them and clamped off the wire so it was secure. Once we had the desired spacing and length we nailed pallet slats onto each 2×4 block. IMG_4076The slats we cut to about 22″ in length.

It wasn’t easy clamping off the wires underneath the goat perch by just one person and we would recommend getting a friend to help with this part of the project. All in all, it was fun to build and the goats love it.IMG_4086


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