11107174_681464025313339_21930811892269756_nSo “THEY” say, that if you give goats things to do and play with then goats won’t get bored and try to escape.” Not exactly sure who “THEY” are, but “THEY” make sense. So with a few 2×4’s and some slats off a old pallet we made these platforms for the goats to climb on. We were actually quite surprised how much Tomato and Pickles love this simple project.11351189_681462625313479_466044993878481169_n

When we decided to expand our goat pen by removing our fence panels, ( to see how to build this goat fence for Nigerian Dwarf Goats- https://littlemissourihomestead.wordpress.com/…/goat-fenci…/ ) we were left with 2 line posts in the middle of our new goat pen. Instead of pulling them out, we decided to give the goats something to climb on.11219098_681462278646847_8089434269239968375_n

We think it turned out well, plus this project only took us an hour to complete. However, the true test is whether the goats like it and they really seem to love it.


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