11011809_679699092156499_8854522544784052146_nWe had several requests of people wanting to see how our STORM SHELTER/ RAISED GARDEN BED11329747_679698998823175_5052527782188372471_n (aka…. storm/ garden) has been progressing now that it is spring. 11329868_679699075489834_4614944488974971861_nHope you all like how it turned out so far. We planted several herbs on the top layer which are coming up nicely, and the strawberries are looking good. 11259175_679699155489826_4402925123602702874_nWe still have the woven willow branch fence to finish to keep our chickens out of “blueberry hill” on the backside of the shelter, however, it should be done soon.11054856_679699185489823_6972006002832469160_n


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