11709512_709031199223288_5702512107338276728_n-1UPDATE YOUR DECK FOR SUMMER FUN:

Summer is in full swing and we thought it was time to update the deck area for our family and friends to enjoy. Last year we did some much needed repairs to our deck’s supports and re-skinned the entire deck with all new wood in a “CAPE COD GREY” stain. We also replaced the railings with a 3/4″ rope which opened up the view tremendously and gave us the “OCEAN FEEL” we were looking for. 11145034_709032315889843_5610331611203774450_nOn a side note, DON’T THROW AWAY THAT OLD DECK, and check the link below to our website to see several more projects using our old deck.

Fast forward to this year, it was time to update the furniture. We started by painting our outdoor living room set a gloss white and replaced the dark brown cushions with a navy blue.

11755746_709030329223375_7152724675559181885_nNext, we spray painted our black and rusty dinning chairs a bright sun yellow and the eating table white. We bought several types of material to make tablecloths out of. Just cut a hole in the middle for the new green umbrella and add some plastic clips to help hold the material to the table and we got a whole new look.

11755164_709034125889662_6637362065384122396_nMatching seat cushions for the eating area and some party lights and a water mister were added in the trees and above the lounging area. The mister has to be our favorite addition to the deck. It gets extremely hot in Missouri and the mister always keeps this area cool and nice.

10986646_709033315889743_7813284438407430331_nWe originally had plans to simply recover our old cushions, but sadly our dear friend (and master sewer) moved away for work. Here’s her link to show you what she can do:…. However, at this time of year we lucked out and got these blue cushions and umbrella on sale. Lowes is phasing out their summer stuff and we were able to pick up these last blue ones for a steal.

11038562_709033322556409_640560601450406944_nFinally, we didn’t want to forget about our dogs, so we repurposed the old couch cushions. We attached them together in an L-shape pattern and they now have become a shaded, comfy bed for our dogs.




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