12140849_748990908560650_8912482813873153153_nGRANDMA always says to us, “Don’t buy me anything for my birthday.” And you don’t argue with a woman that grew up during a time when everyone was a homesteader, lived though a depression, and a world war. Let’s just say grandma is “ONE TOUGH COOKIE.” So we chose to follow her advice and MAKE HER SOMETHING INSTEAD. Grandma loves to garden and feed the family so why not make her some WOODEN KITCHEN UTENSILS that she can use to cook up food from her garden?


First we took these oak branches and split them with a hatchet. For a straighter surface to start with you can split them on a table saw. From there we used a linoleum knife for its curved blade to strip the bark off each branch. Then it was time to trace out the patterns of each utensil we wanted to build. By using a jig saw, you are able to remove larger pieces of material at a time, or if you just feel like taking it easy you can whittle away the wood with just your knife. The interior bowl part of the spoon wasn’t easy due to the fact we didn’t have the proper U-shaped chisel to gouge out the material so we improvised and used our DREMEL. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. Once we had our desired shape for each utensil then is was time for sanding and then finished with several coats of MINERAL OIL. Even the chickens came to check on our progress.


One key to success on a project like this is to make the utensil ends first and whittle down the handles last. You can put the wood under a lot of pressure and with a small handle your project is susceptible to breaking.


One thing is certain, we had a great time on this project because it gave us the ability to think back to all the good times and great memories with grandma. In case you were wondering what birthday she is getting ready to celebrate…. grandma always said it’s not polite to tell a woman’s age so let me say that we don’t know anyone with as much wisdom as her. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA AND ALL YOUR STRENGTH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE TO COME.






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