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Summer Treat

43ed900ff04186b759254d9e0a8352c5Grow your own watermelons.  We are in Zone 6a and they are hardy growers.  We leave some in the garden for the chickens and birds to have a summer treat.  This allows the left over seeds to go back into the garden and we have watermelon plants for next year.  So easy!

What a peach

8d86d157909d0b7d01ba0e90ff99484ePeach trees are very easy to grow.  They love sunshine and very well drained soil.  A soil PH of around 6.5.  And because they are self pollinating you only need one.  Because of the warm summers here we keep the area around the trunk weed and grass free.  When cleaning the chicken coop, we remove the wood shavings and add this around the base of the tree.  The shavings hold water for the tree and the chicken poop helps fertilize it.  Great jam, jellies and syrups await you!