We recently added 7 more BERRY TEE-PEE’S to our fruit garden. Their construction allow for EASY containment of vine or fast spreading fruit plants like black berries and boysenberries. With their 4×4′ base, they are easy to walk around and help to minimize fruit loss in the middle of the bush that you might otherwise be unable to reach. We now have 2 boysenberry, 2 blackberry, 2 golden raspberry, and 2 currant plants.

IMG_4926   IMG_4928  IMG_4929

To construct them we made a 4′ x 4′ raised garden bed out of 2×4’s. Next we ripped (2) 7 foot 2×4’s to make (4) 2×2’s on the table saw. We then screwed the 2×2’s together at the top of the tee-pee and secured the bottom feet to the 4′ box using 2 1/2″ screws. By using the height of our drill as a guide (about 10″) we drilled a series of holes in the vertical legs to feed our 20 gauge wire through to make a total of 7 horizontal rungs. This will give your vine fruit something to climb.

IMG_4931     IMG_4932

We’re really happy with how this entire project has turned out and we are looking forward to expanding our grapes within our FRUIT GARDEN next.



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